20 Things To Put On Your Radar In Your 20s So You Have No Regrets Turning 30


Living life in the moment and looking back with no regrets may seem like an impossible reality to actually master.

Work, commitments, obstacles, and the unexpected all tend to get in the way. To say the least, our time is precious, and we only have so much of it in this world.

Its crucialto take control of your life now, before you find yourself looking back and wishing youd checked off so much more on your bucket list.

Here are 20 things to put on your radar in your 20s, so youll have absolutely no regrets by the time you turn 30.

1. Dont waste any time with a guy youre not head over heels about. Lifes too short; focus on people and things that truly bring you joy.

2. Dont get bogged down by minuscule annoyances at work. Instead, channel your energy into all the positives. Its good for your mind and soul, and itll make your job way more bearable.

3.Dont walk in someone elses shoes, no matter how trendy they may be. We all have role models, but we owe it to ourselves to show the worldall the spectacular qualities we have to offer.

4. Pursue your true passions whether they includelearning how to sail around the Greek islands, focusing the mind and bodyon a meditation retreat in Bali, or taking an Italian cooking class at a culinary institute.

5. Eliminate toxic relationships from your life. Theyre dragging you down, and they thrive off of bringing negativity into your life.

6. Switch up your hair color or style when youre feeling down in the dumps.

7. Treat your apartment well, and maintain a solid cleaning schedule. After a hectic day, your home should be a serene, peaceful haven to retreat to, not a cluttered mess that will only make you more stressed out.

8. Be open to new opportunities and meeting as many new people as you can.

9. Dont chill in the corner waiting for the good things in life to fall from the sky. Get out there and make thingshappen.

10. Learn how to say no to plans.

11. On the flip side, dont be afraid of saying yes. If youre a boss career woman, you owe it to yourself to have a fun social life outside of the office.

12. Dont let any guy make you feel broken beyond repair. Sure, we all go through crummy breakups, and its OK to feel sad for a little while. But its also importantto learn how topick yourself back up, and move on.

13. Get over the fear of FOMO, and be confident in your decision to stay in on weekends when you dont feel like going out. Everyone needs time to recharge.

14. Establish your go-to hobby, and crush it like no other. Whatever that may be, dont give up on it.

15. Travel to all the places on your bucket list youve always dreamed of exploring. Your wanderlust will thank you.

16. Volunteer at as many soup kitchens and animal shelters as you can.

17. Embrace your time being single, and book as many girls night out plans as possible.

18. Learn how to free yourself of any grudges you may be harboring.

19. Set up a 401(k) now so that your future is looking lit.

20. Be confident in all of your decisions. Dont look back at this stage of life with a list full of regrets.

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