31-Yr-Old Blogger Called an


Rachel Farnsworth is a food blogger otherwise known as The Stay at Home Chef.

On her blog, Rachel shares restaurant-quality recipes that can easily be made and served at home.

Of course, anyone who has a virtual presence online knows that where there are awesome audience members who embrace your vision, theres always someone who has to rain on the parade.

For Rachel, it was a commenter who called her an old hag for having gray hair.

In a video that has now gone viral, The Stay at Home Chef acknowledges that she doesnt typically respond to negativity, but this particular comment struck a cord. On her website, Rachel opens up about a personal battle with Addisons Disease. In the video she explains that she never may live to be 70 years old. Her gray hair is a beautiful reminder that this wife and mother of two is still living.

Her response is the body-positive smackdown that serves as a powerful reminder of whats really importantand it has the internet applauding her bold proclamation of truth.

See it for yourself, and share Rachels inspiring message with your friends today!

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