9 ways Amazon’s Alexa can help you in the kitchen


Cooking is a social activity. Parents make food. Kids help in the kitchen. Friends bake together. Families bequeath recipes through the generations. People get together for a potluck and trade cooking tips all evening.

Amazons virtual assistant, Alexa, has become commonplace in many homes, picking your music and helping you book Uber rides. Many Alexa commands make Amazons Echo essential. If you have one and youre only asking for music, click here for a comprehensive list of things you can tell Alexa to do.

Thanks to a few new skills, the Echo can also help you fry up some grub. Theres no shortage of epicurean advice. Amazon has over 400 skills listed in its Alexa Food & Drink category alone.

Tip in a Tip: Lets say you have a question about a family recipe or want to check in to say hello. Many people are unaware that Alexa now offers calling and messaging. Its a slick feature youll use time and time again. Click here to learn how you can use it too.

Here are some of the best and most useful cooking-related skills to help you get the most out of Alexa when youre in the kitchen.

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