Aly & AJ Dropped Their First Single In 10 Years Called “Take Me” And It’s Everything


Yesssss! Millennial women, I know you’re with me when I say this: Aly and AJ ARE BACK and I’m pumped. You may remember them from the Disney movie, or you may have danced your face off to their hit song Potential Breakup Song. Now, Aly and AJ have released their first single in ten years called Take Me and the lyrics are everything.

The song is so upbeat and has a great vibe. Italso hasthe perfect lyrics to use in your nextsubtweet directed towardsthat guy you’re crushing on that still hasn’t made a move on you. In the first verse, the girls sing,

I’ve been spending my attention on you, on you
I don’t wait long cause I got better things to do

YES. TELL EM. The chorus continues with,

When you gonna take me out?
Make a move and make it now
When you gonna take me out?
When you gonna take me out?

So much talking, swear that’s all you ever do
Show me something before I show something to you

Then, the song gets downright dirrrrrty. They sing,

I know that you would want it
If I could sink my teeth into you
I know that you would want it
If I could sink my teeth into you
First you gotta ask me out

The girls also revealed the single’s cover art during San Diego Comic-Con in July.

I spoke with them exclusively, and the duo said the art perfectly depicts the feminist vibe they’re going for with Take Me, and with their whole album. Aly said,

It’s cheeky no pun intended. It encompasses, I think the song and what it stands for and strong, female empowerment. And it’s very west coast, like this is us. We are west coast girls, we’ve grown up in California and that’s very much our music.

You can listen to Take Me on Spotify. Keep a lookout for the girls’ full album, coming soon!

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