Family Eats Takeout Almost Every Night, But Mom Is Horrified When Husband Lands In The Hospital


I have to admit, I indulge in takeout food more often than I probably should.With a busy schedule and a hectic daily life, it can be all too easy to simply place an order instead of whipping up something for myself.

After all, when one feels exhausted at the end of the day,just thinking about the dishes to wash aftercooking something(or even just heating up leftovers!) can feel overwhelming.

For theWormeck family of New Jersey, a love of takeout food slipped so far that they were ordering out as much as five of their weekly dinners. With two young daughters and both parents working, they piled up stacks of menus to choose from rather than stocking up their pantry.

Unfortunately, their bad habits ended up sending Dadto the hospital with a health scare. He was able to recover, but it was definitely a wake-up call for everyone.

When Rachael Ray heard about their takeout routine, she decided to give them a hand by stocking their kitchen full of ingredients and challenging them tomake the most of their meals at home for a full month.

It wasn’t easy, but daughtersPenny and Lucy even chipped in to help out in the kitchen and started selecting their own recipes to try.

Take a look to see how the family kept their takeout food temptations at bay for the rest of the month and you’ll be inspired to make some home-cooked meals yourself!

Do you have a favorite easyrecipe you whip up when you’re feeling tired? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to SHARE the Wormeck’s story with your friends!

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