Get the audiobook of ‘The 4-Hour Chef’ by Tim Ferriss for free


Image: Tim Ferriss

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In 2007, New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss released The 4-Hour Workweeka book that effectively disrupted the traditional thinking on the way we work, live, and plan for the future. Now, the ultimate life hack guru is showing readers a new approach to another common stressor on our lives: cooking.

In The 4-Hour Chef, Ferriss teaches you how to succeed in and out of the kitchen using his acclaimed meta-learning techniques. And since your busy schedule may not allow for much reading time, you can grab this game-changing volume in the form of a free audiobook and listen to it while you tackle other important missions.

The 4-Hour Chef follows Tim Ferriss around the globe as he interviews the worlds greatest chefs and fastest learners. Along the way, Ferriss will show readers the building blocks of successful cooking, and even how to hunt and forage in a survival situation. At the end of this journey, youll be equipped with skills that wont just make you a better cook, but also a faster learner, a more valuable employee, and a savvier entrepreneur.

So break out your chefs apron, sharpen your knives, and grab this groundbreaking audiobooka $20 valuefor absolutely free.

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