Hundreds of thousands of Reddit users are still hooked on its Place social experiment


It started off as an April Fools’ joke, but three days later, it’s still going strong.

Reddit’s latest social experiment, Place, saw hundreds of thousands of users banding together to fight for a spot on a large online blank canvas.

Place allows users to draw just one pixel at a time every five minutes. Obviously, tons of teamwork is needed to make a mark and fend off vandals encroaching onto your territory and painting over your work.

Image: reddit place

It wasn’t long before things got really frenetic. We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

People from every country, every region, every sports group and every entity out there were fighting to make themselves seen literally.

It wasn’t long before the Australians made their mark

Image: reddit place

The Americans…

Image: reddit place

And of course, the gamers

Image: reddit place

Threads quickly emerged, from some calling for citizens of a certain country to band together to create a flag to others just wanting to draw a certain Pokemon.

Image: reddit place

The canvas’ limited space meant that users had to draw over others’ creations if they ran out of space leading to a full out war between thousands of Reddit users.

Some subreddits had to call truces with others, so they could get on with making art, instead of messing with each other’s work.

Image: reddit place

Reddit is well known for its annual streak of using April Fools’ Day to run social experiments, with the website’s notable Button prank in 2015.

Two days later, Reddit place is still growing strong with some 50,000 users live on Place as of Monday afternoon, still jostling for a spot.

Keep fighting the good fight Redditers in the meantime, we’ll sit back and watch what happens.

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