Mom In Need Refuses To Ask For Help, Then A Stranger Shows Up With Containers Of Food


It’s not easy to ask for help, even when you really need it.

Lisa Neumen is a single mother of three. She is battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma for the third time in six years.

Lisa doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone, so she has had difficulty voicing her needs. She just wants to be a good mother.

“Sam looked at me and said, ‘Mom, I’m clearing the house of all the really big bad cancer monsters so they can’t hurt you anymore.’ And that makes me feel guilty because he’s only 4, and he doesn’t understand,” Lisa tearfully told Fox 9.

Fortunately, someone saw past Lisa’s tough exterior.

Ginny Louden is a mother of five and a personal chef who knows thateveryone could use a little help sometimes.

Ginny and her friends began a project called Food with Love almost three years ago. Someone they knew was dealing with a loved one’s cancer and they wanted to help but didn’t have much to give; all they knew was that they could cook. So, they put those skills to work and now make delicious home-cooked meals for anyone dealing with an illness.

Not having to think about food, what it will be, or where it’s coming from is a major help when youalready have so much to worry about. Lisa humbly accepted the meals Ginny sent her, and was brought to tears by the kindness of strangers.

“She said, ‘I would like to do this for you. This is the day we’re cooking, does that work for you?’ It took out every obstacle I could possibly come up with,” Lisa said. “I’m so tired and I feel so crappy, and not having to worry about it is just.. it’s the little things really that make the biggest difference.”

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