This Amazon reviewer just wants an herb grinder for rosemary, not weed


Image: amazon

Sometimes you just need to grind up some fresh herbs.

Cooking enthusiasts looking for a new tool to grind herbs will find themselves in an inappropriate world if they search on Amazon. Thanks to the cannabis industry, an “herb grinder” has a very different meaning to some.

Poor “A. Maddox” was searching for a grinder for her rosemary, but when she purchased the Ohuhu Spice Grinder for $9.99 on Amazon, it didn’t quite work the way she wanted.

“The rosemary just fell right through. I’m sure it works well for nugs but I actually need a spice grinder and it’s impossible to find now thanks to the weed industry,” she wrote in her one-star review.

Making her frustrations quite clear, Maddox wrote, “I wish they would call them something else so I don’t have to sort through 89679376 products like this to find an actual spice grinder.”

While Amazon is loaded with grinders used to break up weed if you search for a spice grinder, it does include a few legitimate spice grinders, like this one from Krups.

Image: amazon

I can confirm that this grinder works well on coffee as well as herbs like rosemary and thyme, though I’ve never used it to grind up weed. It’s a little bit more money than the “spice grinder” but at least it actually grinds spices.


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