Toddler Tries To Help Mom Crack An Egg, But Only The Wrong Parts End Up In The Bowl


Cooking is an incredible skill to master, but it definitely takes a lot of practice.

Growing up, I remember sitting at our kitchen table watching my mom whip up amazing meals she’s a really good cook and made any recipe look like a breeze.

But when I started cooking for myself, there was definitely a learning curve many things have been set on fire, and plenty of baked goods have ended up permanently seared onto pans.

One thing that I can proudly do, though, is crack an egg with one hand. It makes me look like a pro even though I am still very much mastering the basics.

It’s also something that thepoor toddler in the video below is far from mastering.

Just like when I was young, this little guy helps out his mom in the kitchen and is instructed to crack an egg into a bowl.

A little unsure of himself, he first gingerly hits the rim with the egg to no avail.

Then he takes another, harder swing and the exact opposite of what he wants to happen happens.

The yolk slithers down to the floor, while the two eggshells are discarded into the bowl it’s actually impressive how he manages to pull off the opposite of what he’s instructed!

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