Video Pans Around Room Of Stuffed Animals, But Theres A Tiny Dog Hiding Among Them


If you have a Facebook account, then chances are that you’ve heard of the Mannequin Challenge.

Believed to have beenstarted by students inJacksonville, Florida, theviral internet craze has been done by sports teams, celebrities, and even birthing mothers.

The videos have subjects stay perfectly still (like mannequins) as a camera pans around the entire scene.

Some people have gotten pretty creative with their poses, making it even more difficult for them to stay still during the shot.

Whatever the subject matter may be, this is definitely a fun phenomenon to watch, as everyone curates their own videos differently.

But what if you were to add a dog into the mix? Canines and viral-video trends seem like the perfect combination, but the squirmy pets oftentimes have trouble standing still, let alone acting like mannequins.

Well,Munchkin the dog ended up not having that problem at all in his Mannequin Challenge!

He stands perfectly still among a group of stuffed animals, and you can barely tell that he is alive and not one of the dolls!

This sweet, still pup is definitely worth the watch, especially if you’re a fan of the Mannequin Challenge!

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