When His Son Made A Giant Mess, This Dad Saw An Opportunity For A Great Life Lesson


Accidents happen, especially when children are involved.

All it takes is a burst of energy or one accidental movement for life to go from A-OK to a messy disaster. For most parents, meal time is the prime time for spills and unwelcome thrills.

And while some moms and dads get mad, others swallow their annoyance and jump in for a life lesson. One woman recently witnessed a young boy spill his entire slushie during a night out with Dad, and instead of getting mad, this father served up the most inspiring response.

Kalynne Marie was out enjoying a night off from cooking when she witnessed a young boy, maybe six or seven, spill his entire slushie all over the table and onto the floor.

After the boy apologized to his father, the man shrugged off the incident and instead grabbed a handful of napkins and showed the boy how to go about cleaning things up.

It all seemed normal until Dad started talking. What he had to say about life’s messes, big and small, left the awestruck observer feeling so inspired.

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